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Welcome to the inaugural post of Straight Cath No Chaser.  Please take a few moments to check out the About, HIPAA, and Disclaimer sections to your left.

Now that we have that out of the way, why am I writing this blog?  To be honest, I have a few other blogs, including a personal blog where I write about my life as a father and husband and intended to include things about nursing there as well, but I have discovered that I neglect that blog too often and that it was becoming crowded with all of the different things I wanted to write.  Over the past year it has become more about parenting than anything else and I think that is the route that particular blog is going so I decided to create this blog to share nursing and medical related things.  Of course, I can not promise that other things will not slip in from my world.

When I created the name for this blog I intended it to be an anonymous nursing blog, but have decided that, while I will not go out of my way to disclose my full identity, I will not hide it from my family and friends.  I think this accomplishes two things: 1. it allows me to write with some level of accountability as I have to remember that this blog is linked to me in my personal and professional life and because of that I must act here as I would in person and 2. it adds a level of credibility to this blog as I am not trying to write it from behind some shroud of mystery.  I understand why some people write anonymously, and I do not discourage or think I am better for not doing so, just a decision I have made.


I love nursing and being a nurse.  I am passionate about the work I do and about the profession, both now and the future of it.  I feel incredibly lucky to be among the ranks of other men and women that have not only survived nursing school (oh the daily horror that was nursing school) but tackle the everyday life of nursing including our triumphs, hardships and failures.  I am lucky to have this life and profession where I can share the life and death, the joy and sorrow, the fear and bravery that makes up the human experience.  And I feel lucky that I can share all of this with all of you.

Please take the time to subscribe or follow us via email and comments are always appreciated.  I would love to engage with all of you.



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