RN tries mobile blogging

23 January, 2014 § Leave a comment

Working a full-time nursing position, raising a family, and trying to regularly update a blog on nursing is not an easy task.  As a writer I tend to want to write longer, more thoughtful post but as a nurse I understand that things can be simple and efficient as well as thoughtful and effective.  While I am finding that my days do not have a lot of time for me to actually sit down at a computer, it seems I can find a few minutes to blog from my phone.  Hopefully this means thay I will be able to post more things.  Hey, I survived nursing school, I am fairly certain I can do this, right?

Alrighty, now to make sure this post is at least something nursing related: hydration.

I drink tons of water, both as a rule in general and while at work.  I am always on a quest to find the perfect water bottle but sometimes I find funny ones.  Here is a picture of a funny one and remember to leave comments below about what you use for water containment at work and at play.


-Anthony, RN


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