CPR: A skill even Zombies need

31 March, 2014 § Leave a comment

DisorderlyCNA posted a PSA video about CPR and it is awesome.  If you don’t know CPR, learn it, because a day with the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association, (or the institution for your respective country) could save someone else’s life someday.


RN tries mobile blogging

23 January, 2014 § Leave a comment

Working a full-time nursing position, raising a family, and trying to regularly update a blog on nursing is not an easy task.  As a writer I tend to want to write longer, more thoughtful post but as a nurse I understand that things can be simple and efficient as well as thoughtful and effective.  While I am finding that my days do not have a lot of time for me to actually sit down at a computer, it seems I can find a few minutes to blog from my phone.  Hopefully this means thay I will be able to post more things.  Hey, I survived nursing school, I am fairly certain I can do this, right?

Alrighty, now to make sure this post is at least something nursing related: hydration.

I drink tons of water, both as a rule in general and while at work.  I am always on a quest to find the perfect water bottle but sometimes I find funny ones.  Here is a picture of a funny one and remember to leave comments below about what you use for water containment at work and at play.


-Anthony, RN

Can I Put Coffee through a Central line?

9 June, 2013 § 1 Comment

Source: Scrubs Magazine

Source: Scrubs Magazine


For many nurses out there coffee, or any form of caffeine (hello Diet Coke!) is an absolute necessity.  Stethoscope, scissors, hemostats, pen light, pens, and caffeine.  In my world caffeine comes in many forms, the most common being coffee or  brewed iced tea but in dire situations, such as a split shift or 16 hour shift where my sleep has been minimal, I will resort to a 5-hour energy.  Caffeine helps nurses trick their brains into thinking that what nurses do is normal or, even worse, fun. The ungodly waking hours and working hours, those long shifts, the endless amounts of gross things we see and smell, and of course, the paperwork, is all made better by a steady dose of caffeine delivered throughout the day.  I have always wondered if I could just put coffee through a central line in order to get about 100ml/h for 10-12 hours a day.  Yes, life would be grand.

Reaching Utopia has an infographic entitled “Why Coffee and Tea is Amazing for You” which is packed with a lot of cool information.  Enjoy the infographic here on SCNC (that stands for Straight Cath No Chaser for those of you playing the home version) and then head on over to Reaching Utopia and enjoy the awesome website they have put together as well.


Source: Reaching Utopia



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